Our Story

We are all about the kulture of the streets. Looking to provide our customers with the latest styles of fashion trends, Bedroka Streetwear constantly is bringing you new styles so you can dress to impress. We also got you covered with accessories to complete your look head to toe, so give us a visit often to see what we have new for you. Remember to follow us on Social Media for updates on the newest promos and product releases!


Bedroka Streetwear was created from the vision of 4 brothers, born and raised in Flint, Michigan, U.S.A.

We as brothers love fashion, especially streetwear which we wear everyday in our lives as our style of choice. Being from Flint, we wanted to bring our styles to the streets while also representing our love for the city in a good way. Anybody from our city is referred to as a Flintstone so we decided to incorporate that within our name in a way. For those not in the know the name Flintstone comes from very pop cartoon series "The Flintstones" which premiered in 1960 with several spin-off shows and reached over to other media over the many decades since it was born. Those to young to recognize the characters the most popular product that is probably out today is their cereal "Fruity Pebbles" usually showcasing the characters of Fred Flintstone and his best friend Barney Rubble. For those that already know about the Flintstones, I'm sure you know where this is leading when it comes to the name of our brand. However for those that is unfamiliar Bedrock was the hometown of the family. We obviously chose Bedroka as a reference to this with Flint being our hometown and putting our own spin to the name 

Now that we have told you why we named our company Bedroka Streetwear, lets us tell you why the company was born in the first place. We as brother have always strived to be the best men we can be by always wanting to do positive and not get involved in the negative activity's many have encompassed themselves into within our city. Being born by good supportive parents, we was all gifted with good values and the will to be the best men that we can be. When we decided we wanted to collaborate to start a company together we found that our love for fashion would be the best route to go since we knew we would be doing something we all have our hearts in. We also felt that this would make our business even better since it means we would do our best to bring our customers the best we have to offer.

As we reach our final words, we want to thank you for reading what we had to say and we hope that it was interesting to you. We hope that you like our products and decide to shop around with us. We love hearing from our fans/customers so please reach out to us through the many ways we have provided rather it be here on the website or through Social Media.

Thank you,
Team Bedroka